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Facial Enhancement London

Your face – it’s the first thing people notice about you, and if you’re unhappy with some aspect of your facial features, that feeling can carry over into your day to day life. At Dr. Aiofe Turner Plastic Surgery, we provide a number of face surgery options to help you reach your goals.

Face Surgery Procedures

Whether you’re unhappy with your eyes or you need something more comprehensive, we offer some of the latest procedures available that can help you look great when you look in the mirror. Here are a few of the most popular face surgery procedures available with us.

  • Eye Lift: We provide both upper and lower eye lifts. These are relatively quick procedures that can completely transform your appearance and give you a completely rejuvenated look.
  • Lip Lift: A lip lift is a face surgery procedure that offers a long-term improvement to the look of your lips without necessarily adding fullness to give you youthful, supple looking lips.
  • Face lift: At Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we perform a range of face surgery procedures including traditional and Threadlift (Silhouette Soft) facelifts. We’ll work with you to determine which treatment is right for you to achieve a youthful, fresh and plumped look.
  • Wrinkle Treatments: Anti-wrinkle injections work by reducing the muscles’ ability to contract as much as before and therefore the skin can’t crease as much over the top. This results in a smoother face and you will still be able to express yourself. The results of the line softening should be visible in around two weeks and the results can last up to four months. We can work with you to create a top-up schedule that’s right for you and your skin
  • Dermal Filler Treatments: Dermal fillers are an injectable treatment that adds or restores plumpness and volume to areas of your face. As we age, we tend to lose the bounce in our skin leading to facial softening and thinning skin. Dermal fillers endeavour to bring back the bounce and redefine areas of the face to bring a more youthful, natural appearance. Cheek plumping, reducing mouth to nose lines and contouring the cheekbones all tend to be achieved through dermal fillers. While not traditional face surgery, it’s one of the many options we offer.
  • Non – Surgical Rhinoplasty: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is a non-invasive treatment that can improve the symmetry of your face by changing the shape and structure of your nose. This treatment is perfect for people looking for more confidence in their face without having to go through a general anaesthetic or the long recovery time of a traditional rhinoplasty.
  • PRP: Otherwise known as Platelet Rich Plasma or the vampire facial, PRP is a natural way to rejuvenate the skin, help restore lost tissue volume and treat lines and wrinkles.
  • Hyperhidrosis Injections: Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It can be embarrassing and stop you wanting to exercise, go out in warm weather or even just enjoy time out with your friends. It can be a real struggle and affect your confidence but there is a solution. Though there is no cure for hyperhidrosis, it can effectively be managed through targeted injections of botulinum toxin (also known as Botox) in the affected area. These injections stop the sweat glands from being able to produce the same amount of sweat, leaving you feeling fresher and less self-conscious.

Book Your  Face Surgery Consultation

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all method when treating our clients. We take your unique facial shape and features into account to ensure our procedures emphasise your natural beauty and works with the contours of your face.

If you’re looking for safe, non-surgical or surgical treatments to feel happier in your face, call us for a consultation appointment now. We’re friendly, approachable and always happy to help our clients find the most confident version of themselves.

During your consultation appointment, we’ll talk more about your goals and your medical history to help match you with a procedure that will meet those goals. We may also perform a physical exam to ensure you’re healthy enough for an upcoming procedure. To get a real sense of what could be possible for your face, the time to book a consultation with us is now.