Gynecomastia Surgery with Local Anaesthetic

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A male breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that reduces swollen male breast tissue which can lead to significant improvements in both physical appearance and mental wellness in patients. Now available under local anaesthetic, this procedure can fix the appearance of surplus male breast tissue for a more masculine, contoured physique. Known in the medical community as gynecomastia, excess fatty and glandular breast tissue in men can be both embarrassing and physically difficult to deal with. This, in turn, can lead to feelings of shame and negative body image. Gynecomastia is quite a common problem in the male population, particularly in young adults, with a reported prevalence of up to 36% in some nations. (1) Moreover, although it is usually a condition found in adolescent boys and older men, it can affect men at any point in their lifespan. 

Studies have illustrated that younger people in particular who have gynecomastia may become depressed, isolated, refuse to participate in any activity that involves removing the shirt and have low self-esteem.(2) You should not have to bury your feelings of shame and negativity associated with your gynecomastia.  You should instead be able to place your trust in a medical professional to provide breast reduction surgery as a solution to your problem. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr Aoife Turner has been advocating for and performing surgery on patients with gynecomastia for many years. Get connected with Dr Turner by calling 020 3883 8174 today, or continue to browse our website for further details about her practices in Harley Street, London,Doha,Dubai and Hamburg, Germany.

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What Causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia London , Doha & Dubai

Although it is not life-threatening, the appearance of gynecomastia can cause significant emotional distress in men. Sadly, in many societies, including here in Great Britain, men are socialised not to discuss their body image concerns due to stigmatisation by others. This inability to discuss body issues may in turn lead to further negative self-concept and esteem, and may reinforce behaviors resulting in further weight gain.(3) As men are not used to talking about their problems, they can often go for many years without the proper treatment, which is something we want to change.

Gynecomastia is not rare. It has been shown to affect up to two-thirds of the male population to varying extents.(4) But what causes it? Perhaps surprisingly, there’s quite a long list of conditions that can lead to gynecomastia, some more common than others, including:

  • An imbalance of female and male sex hormones.(5)
  • Being overweight or classified as obese.
  • Hormonal fluctuations during puberty.
  • Changes to the body due to old age.
  • Use of drugs such as anabolic steroids.
  • Alcoholism and binge drinking. 
  • Health conditions such as liver or kidney failure.
  • Lumps or infection in the testicles.
  • Klinefelter syndrome (a rare genetic disorder).

Understandably, whatever the cause of your male breast enlargement, it can be an unsettling experience. That’s why skilled Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr Turner is waiting for you to give her the chance to help. Don’t put off this opportunity to look and feel better! Call us on 020 3883 8174 to schedule a private consultation with one of the leading female plastic surgeons in the South-East, and let her help you regain your confidence in your body.

Local Anaesthetic for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Local anaesthetic is an option for many cosmetic surgery procedures, including male breast reduction! There are many advantages to having gynecomastia correction surgery under local anaesthetic compared to general anaesthetic, which include:

  • Easy for your surgeon to administer
  • No nausea or throat pain
  • No feelings of excessive grogginess after surgery
  • You remain conscious throughout the procedure
  • Minimal care required after the procedure
  • More cost-effective

We want you to speak to us about your body image concerns! To arrange an in-person appointment or a virtual consultation, choose an appointment option and fill in your details here.

Male Breast Reduction Candidates in the South-East of England

Dr Turner assesses candidates’ suitability for male breast reduction surgery in a number of ways. Generally, patients should be:

  • In good general health 
  • Without underlying health conditions
  • A healthy starting weight
  • Prepared and well-informed about surgery goals
  • Positive about plastic surgery as a solution

Feel free to contact the knowledgeable staff at our Harley Street, London or Hamburg, Germany locations and call 020 3883 8174 to discuss your plastic surgery goals with us at your convenience!

Personal Consultation with Dr Turner

Gynecomastia London,Doha,Dubai

Dr Turner has smashed through the glass ceiling as a leading female plastic surgeon in London and the home counties, so you can rely on her to provide expert care, discreetly and diligently. Whether you choose an in-person consultation or a virtual one, Dr Turner will assess your gynecomastia by examining the breast tissue. If you choose a virtual consultation, we will ask you to upload pictures via our online consultation form. After she has briefly discussed your medical history and the physical and emotional impacts of your gynecomastia, she will draw up an individualised treatment plan tailored to your needs and explain the basics of the procedure. After that, you’ll be well on the way to a smoother, more contoured chest!

Preparing for Your Surgery

To prepare for your gynecomastia treatment, you need to do a few important things. It is vital that you follow the precautions outlined by Dr Turner so your surgery and recovery runs as smoothly as possible. It is recommended you do the following before your treatment:

  • Get a medical examination from your GP or medical specialist
  • Take certain medicine or adjust your current medicines before surgery
  • Quit smoking or using any nicotine products
  • Avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen (Paracetamol is ok)

Discover the latest cosmetic procedures for men by visiting Dr Turner’s blog, and be sure to check out Dr Turner’s appearance on ITV’s This Morning here.

Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Gynecomastia surgery is a precise procedure that requires expert skill and training. That being said, it usually takes less than two hours to complete and is primarily an outpatient procedure. Excess breast tissue in men is usually removed by a plastic surgeon in one of three ways:

  • Liposuction – Removal of fatty tissue with a cannula and suction device (aspirator).
  • Excision – Removal of glandular tissue in the breast area.
  • Liposuction and Excision – A combination of fat and gland extraction.

Dr Turner performs male breast reduction surgery by firstly administering a local anaesthetic to the chest subcutaneously. You may also wish to take an oral sedative so you are as relaxed as possible during the procedure. After the local anaesthetic has taken effect, Dr Turner will expertly remove the glandular tissue. Accompanying fat deposits will be removed using third-generation high-definition liposuction techniques like VASER to completely eliminate the fatty breast tissue. VASER uses ultrasound technology to wholly liquify the fatty tissue. After liquefaction, it is expelled from the body using an aspirator.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery & Results

It typically takes between 4-6 weeks to recover from male breast reduction surgery. In this time, it will be essential to treat your body kindly by resisting the urge to do any strenuous activities or exercise. In the immediate period after your surgery, the area will be tender, and you may experience moderate pain and discomfort. You are encouraged to rest completely 2-3 days after your surgery and keep movement gentle and minimal. Some of our patients find that taking these first few days off is an essential convenience. Dr Turner may advise you to wear a compression garment to aid your healing during this time. After around a week, your swelling should go down, and you should be able to conduct light physical activities, the ease of which will increase in subsequent weeks.

Cost of Male Breast Reduction in the South-East of England

Your gynecomastia treatment cost will vary depending on your individual situation. One factor that may alter the cost of your procedure is how much tissue there is and how long it takes to remove it. To keep all of her patients informed, Dr Turner has details of the starting costs of various procedures, including male breast reduction, on her website.


Why do some men develop breasts?

There are a number of factors that cause excess breast tissue in men. Some adolescents experiencing the hormonal changes of puberty may see swelling in the chest tissue as they develop. One of the most common reasons for enlarged breasts in adult males is an imbalance in the male and female sex hormones, or androgens, which can be due to a number of medical conditions. Other reasons for male breast development include obesity, excess alcohol consumption and genetic conditions.

Is male breast reduction available on the NHS?

Gynecomastia treatment is usually classified as a cosmetic treatment option for men, so it is generally not available on the NHS. The NHS will cover the treatment in some rare cases, but this is only if patients meet strict criteria. It is important to discuss your treatment options with a medical professional to find the right medical solutions for your individual needs.

Is male breast reduction surgery right for me?

You may wish to move forward with male breast reduction if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your chest and have had gynecomastia for a long time. You may also choose gynecomastia correction if the condition is causing you mental anguish, or if you are embarrassed to show your chest in public settings, such as at the gym or pool. If your condition is unchanged by diet or exercise, a liposuction procedure to reduce the fatty tissue in the breast may be an option. Speak to your doctor about your options for male breast reduction surgery and see how a cosmetic surgery procedure could benefit you.


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