Excess Sweating Treatment

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Excessive sweating – it’s a daily challenge that means limitations and real discomfort that often leads to embarrassment. It’s called hyperhidrosis, and fortunately, there is a solution. At Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of hyperhydrosis treatment options that deal with both the sweating of the hands and the sweating of the feet. It’s the perfect way to realise your full potential and move forward with your life.

Understanding The Cause of Hyperhydrosis

Ever wonder why sweating of the hands, sweating of the feet, and sweat in other areas occurs so much in your life? Sweat is the body’s way of keeping you cool. When you have hyperhidrosis, though, you may suddenly find your clothes absolutely dripping with sweat for no reason. Most experts believe that your sweat glands are a bit too sensitive and overreactive. Your body is literally signaling those glands to cool you down, even when it’s not necessary. While there are no exact underlying causes, some conditions may create the right environment for hyperhidrosis to exist. Diabetes, thyroid problems, and even heart conditions can lead to hyperhidrosis. You may have a genetic predisposition to the condition too. Whether you notice extreme sweating of the hands, sweating of the feet, or underarm sweat, this could be the problem behind it, and our hyperhydrosis treatment is the right way forward.

Understanding Hyperhydrosis Treatment

While we have a full range of treatments available to deal with sweating of the hands, sweating of the feet, and excessive sweat in other areas, our most popular option is the non-surgical treatment. It involves injections near the nerves that are responsible for signaling your brain that sweat is needed. Using a medication, the injection actually stops the nerve signals involved, stopping the excess sweat. Most patients will require hyperhydrosis treatment on a regular basis – every four to six months because the nerves can regenerate over time. As you progress with this option, though, you can usually stretch the time between treatments out a bit further, as the nerves begin to regenerate more slowly. Sweating of the hands, sweating of the feet, and sweat in other areas can be controlled with this simple procedure, and it requires virtually no downtime.

Is Hyperhydrosis Treatment Right For You?

Double-board certified Dr. Turner will help guide your treatment process, ensuring that no matter what challenges you face, they’re completely eliminated from your life.

If you think this might be the right way forward, the best thing you can do is to reach out and book a consultation session with us today. Whether you’re suffering from sweating of the hands, sweating of the feet, or other potential sweat issues, we’ll talk with you about your medical history, your goals, and your lifestyle to come up with the right solution to meet your needs. We may also perform a physical exam to help better meet your goals.

Sweating of the hands, sweating of the feet, and other embarrassing sweat problems shouldn’t define your life. Consider hyperhydrosis treatment with us when you reach out today.