Trigger Finger Treatment

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Trigger Finger Treatment London

Pain, stiffness, and that locking sensation no person should ever have to face. The condition is called trigger finger, and it can be frustrating and devastating to your self-esteem. At Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we offer trigger finger release procedures that can help eliminate the problem entirely, ensuring you return quickly to your normal life.

What is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger occurs due to inflammation of the tendons that flex your fingers, causing finger tenderness and pain and reduced finger mobility. Common early symptoms include:

  • Soreness in the palm of your hand around the base of your thumb or another finger
  • A tender bump or lump around the same area.
  • A clicking or snapping noise with movement
  • Stiffness in your finger
  • Inability to straighten the finger, the finger is locked in a bent position.

If you don’t get treatment for it, trigger finger can progress. You may also be unable to uncurl your finger without using the other hand if you have an advanced case of trigger finger.

The symptoms of trigger finger tend to be worse in the morning. The finger typically starts to relax and can move more easily as the day goes on. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to live with the symptoms any longer. Instead, with our trigger finger release procedure, you could be recovering within just a few hours after the procedure!

What Causes Trigger Finger?

Long tendons, called flexor tendons, extend from your forearm to the muscles and bones in your hands. Flexor tendons slide through a flexor tendon sheath, which is like a tunnel for the tendon. If the tunnel narrows, your tendon can’t move easily. This is what occurs in trigger finger.

When the tendon slides through the narrowed sheath, it becomes irritated and swells. Motion becomes extremely difficult. Inflammation may cause a bump to develop, which further restricts movement. This results in your finger staying in a bent position. It becomes extremely difficult to straighten and can be very painful. It is typically diagnosed when your GP or another medical professional examines your hand and asks some simple questions about your medical history.

Trigger Finger Release: Treating The Problem

Trigger finger release is performed on an outpatient basis. Following an injection of local anaesthetic we make a small cut in the palm and then release the tightened tendon sheath. As a general rule, once the release the tendon sheath, the tendon can move freely. As the tendon sheath heals, the area is looser, helping your finger move more easily. You should be able to return to your normal activities within a few days. The sutures will be removed after 14 days.

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If trigger finger release sounds like the right procedure to meet your needs, the time to book your consultation session with us is now. We’ll work to understand your problem and your goals. We’ll talk about your medical history and your current health status. Then we’ll ensure this is the right procedure to meet your needs.

Trigger finger release can help relieve the pain and frustrating of trigger finger. Book your appointment now.