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Cyst Removal London

How often do you use your hands each day? Touch . . .touch . . .touch. Pretty often, right? That’s not always possible if you have a ganglion cyst on your hands, but at Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we offer cyst removal that can help you feel and look amazing once more.

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

Ganglion cysts look and feel just like a smooth lump under the skin. They’re actually fluid-filled sacks that swell under the skin, pushing it upward. They typically develop on the hands, but they can appear almost anywhere near a joint or a tendon, and they range in size from something about the shape of a pea to the massive bulk of a golf ball.

Ganglion cysts are harmless, but they can cause pain and discomfort. They may even harm your self-image. Cyst removal is the best option.

Ganglion cysts are made of a thick, jelly-like fluid called synovial fluid. That fluid is supposed to surround your joints and tendons to help lubricate and cushion them as you move, but sometimes the fluid overproduces, and these cysts form.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Many GPs suggest non-surgical treatments that don’t involve cyst removal. Ganglion cysts can actually disappear without treatment, but that can take a number of years to happen. Some even suggest just resting and splinting the affected area may work, and while that can help, it’s not as effective or fast as cyst removal surgery.

Cyst Removal Through Surgery

If you’re suffering with a ganglion cyst, cyst removal with Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery is the best way forward. Removing the cyst is actually a fairly easy process. We’ll numb the area with a local aneasthetic. Then we make a small incision and pull the cyst out. Once that’s complete, we’ll stitch up the wound and apply a bandage. In just two weeks, you’ll come back for a checkup and to have your sutures removed. In most cases, you need very little time off from work, and you can drive again right away. Many people don’t even experience serious pain after this procedure.

Not sure whether this procedure is right for you? Come in for a consultation session with us. We’ll take a closer look at your medical history, perform a physical exam, then discuss what options you might have to remove the cyst and ensure your quality of life is absolutely amazing. Ganglion cysts can be a serious problem for people, but at Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery, we can help.

Reclaim Your Life

You shouldn’t have to suffer with a ganglion cyst. They’re often painful, they get in the way of your day to day life, and they’re unsightly. Don’t battle your cyst any longer. Instead, come in for a consultation appointment at Dr Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery. We’ll help you understand your cyst removal options and discuss all possible procedures with you so you can feel confident moving forward with your decision. To learn more about our cyst removal treatment options, reach out and contact us today.